‘Twas in the grave-yard’s gruesome gloom

That May and I were mated;

We sneaked inside and on a tomb

Our love was consummated.

It’s quite all right, no doubt we’ll wed,

Our sin will go unchidden . . .

Ah! sweeter than the nuptial bed

Are ecstasies forbidden.

And as I held my sweetheart close,

And she was softly sighing,

I could not help but think of those

In peace below us lying.

Poor folks! No disrespect we meant,

And beg you’ll be forgiving;

We hopes the dead will not resent

The rapture of the living.

And when in death I, too, shall lie,

And lost to those who love me,

I wish two sweethearts roving by

Will plight their troth above me.

Oh do not think that I will grieve

To hear the vows they’re voicing,

And if their love new life conceive,

‘Tis I will be rejoicing.



All is silent, all is still
No one around to see the thrill;
Small, small light
A shadow moves
The petals move, start to sing
Wind picks up, nature’s music starts
Starting at point base, feeling in the heart
Born to feel, always live the same
Never let the soul ever be tame;
Starting to move, step by step
Slowly at first, but fast at last;
Keeping in tune to the sound of the heart
Finishes, beautiful spin; tidy dancer starts off again;
A silent applause, for no one to hear
A feeling of gratitude from those who are near;
Still no one around, absolutely no sound
But a smile suddenly creeps while around everything sleeps.
The heart always goes what the eye always shows
Never give up that feeling you hold….


While you weren’t here


I cried every night
A million tears fell
Still my heart wasn’t right
While you weren’t here
I did what I could
Hoping against hope
My decisions were good
While you weren’t here
I gained some in age
Things just went on
And life turned a page
While you weren’t here
I just tried to go on
Knowing what didn’t kill me
Would only make me strong
While you weren’t here
A whole lot got changed
My life became different
My world rearranged
While you weren’t here
I had to learn to be alone
To stand on my two feet
To make my own home
So that’s where I am now
At this stage of my life
Still scared and alone
Still coping with strife
And oh how I wish that
Things could be different
That I could go back
To a time in the past
To a time before
You weren’t here


Eyes + Words

Written by Jacob Ibrag

When things got too good, he couldn’t

handle it. He didn’t think he deserved her

and what she brought out of him. Solace.

Tranquility. State of peace. He wanted her,

but the past catches up faster than bullets.

That’s just the way it is, a rule that lacked

exception. So all of this laughter shared

among the fire on this cold starry night

was for nothing. He owed herhis soul

so he wanted to bare it all, ‘I’ve been

hiding something from you.’ She

moved in closer and smiled,

‘I already know.’

Photography by Marta Bevacqua

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